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Published 05 Aug 2020 1 minute read


Hot on the heels of our new Ranking Order Question type, we are delighted to announce the arrival of a shiny new addition to our market research tools – the Text Analytics solution  on the Together™ online qual research platform!

Quickly analyse unstructured text

This latest feature provides a new way to analyse unstructured text-based data collected in any of your tasks and activities. These include: 

  • Survey question responses
  • Discussions
  • Blogs
  • Diaries
  • Image and video descriptors

Together's™ new Text Analytics outputs are two-fold, encompassing visual representations via both Word Clouds and Frequencies. Data can be filtered by activity, by participant, by time stamp and more. 

A word cloud shows the most commonly used words and that your participants write in  open-ended, unstructured responses. Researchers can build on a set of pre-determined ‘excluded words’ which include those like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘but’, etc. 

The most powerful feature of the new Text Analytics tool is the ability to use filters to compare two corpus. One example of this works would be to enable the researcher to generate a word cloud from data captured from one segment versus another segment. 

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 17.30.02 (1)

The new Text Analytics solution has been fully tested in Beta and is now being released to all customers for use alongside the Together™ platform’s other market research tools from today.

What do our clients have to say about Text Analytics?

 The tool helps you get to insights faster, by quickly aggregating and then visualising the most relevant themes. 

Ordinarily, word clouds are limited by the way they lump all participants' responses into the same cloud.  Further have cracked this problem, by letting you filter by question, segment or other key recruitment criteria and then compare them.

The filtered comparative Word Clouds give you an objective measure of your subjective hunches about what matters and to whom. So you can quickly validate (or develop) hypotheses.  Also, it helps uncover insights you were not actively looking for, by highlighting words that are disproportionately mentioned by particular segments.

Tom Woodnutt, Feeling Mutual

If you are a client/user of the Together™ platform then you can can access a more detailed guide on how to use the Text Analytics in the Client Resources Area. Or watch brief explainers of all our platform updates here.

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We were amazed at the level of insight we achieved in just a week. Further opened our eyes to new ways of researching and understanding our staff

We helped Conde Nast International define a new global mission and vision statement

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Further really understood the brief and were extremely proactive. We are now very confident that we’re taking the right products and proposition to market.

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Further's expert team pushed us to clarify our assumptions and to think harder about how to communicate the value of our products and services

We helped Keyhouse enter a new market and understand what target users of their case management software needed and how to position their offer

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Working with Further was a refreshing and eye-opening experience…...the qualityof their output which was excellent.

We helped Unicef generate insights to support the development of a mass market, sustainable fundraising product.

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Strategically, Further’s insights provided clear and directional answers that will guide us through our next phase of growth

We helped Zwift understand users and non-users needs and wants so they could prioritise their innovation pipeline

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We helped Chilly’s leadership team consider new ways to understand and co-create with their customers’

We helped disruptive pet insurance company Waggel develop customer personas and map out the current and intended customer journey.

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