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PLATFORM UPDATE: A New Way To Rank Concepts

You asked; we delivered. You wanted a ranking tool; we created our new Ranking Order Question type, within the Together platform. Designed by researchers, it’s a powerful way to rank a set of items – text or images.

The Ranking Order Question asks participants to review and compare items by placing them in order of preference. Together then calculates the average ranking for each item. Simple.

This new question type, launched alongside another new tool for text analytics, offers enables a richer experience for your participants, as well as surfacing insight much faster. You can find the question in Together's survey tool, together with other question types (open ended, multiple choice, single choice and picture uploads), all of which can be used as a standalone activity or combined to create a longer survey. Participants can access the questions on all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Don’t take our word for it

We’ve tested the tool with our panel of researchers around the world. They gave it the thumbs up, so we’ve made it available for you to use, from today.

"The ability to use images to aid in participant recognition was really helpful. The new feature has saved us time in analysis – allowing us to quickly see consumer ranking"

How does the Ranking Order Question work?

Simply define the items that you want participants to sort. These can be images, as above, or text based ideas or concepts. Then add your question, telling participants what you are looking for. They can then ‘drag-n-drop’ the items into the order they choose.

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How can you use the Ranking Order Question?

There are no limits. You can use the question in as many ways as you can use the Together platform. One key way is in innovation research, asking participants to rank order product concepts, attributes and features, new flavours, packaging design or even product names. Other suggestions include:

  • Customer experience research – ranking elements of service for value or effectiveness
  • Ad testing – ranking preferences or likelihood to purchase
  • User experience research – ranking website features or elements of apps
  • Brand research – ranking preferences amongst competing brands
  • Social research – ranking statements to gauge opinions

Whatever your research challenge, there is a ranking question that can help you uncover better insights, faster.

TOP TIP: Six items is best

There’s no right or wrong way to use the Ranking Order Question, but we recommend using between six and ten items for optimal results. This keeps the list short enough that participants can compare effectively, but long enough to establish a top three, or get a high and a low end, with enough options in between. The more items you have, the more important it becomes to ensure that the difference between them are clear and distinct.



This new survey question type is available for users of the Together platform now. Contact your account manager or email If you'd like more information. 


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