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You need to understand people as consumers: their habits, behaviours, thoughts and context. That's where we can help.

We deliver outstanding research and human insight for organisations like Condé Nast International, Morrisons, Barclays, Channel 4, ITV, Netflix, OMD and Kantar.

Want to know what people really think about your new storefront, product placement, retail strategy, marketing campaign or customer services?

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More about Further

Our Together™ community research platform is available in 35 languages. It’s used all over the world by brand and agency insight teams to discover more about the people that matter to their business.

Online research lets you into people’s worlds, allowing you to discover what they’re thinking and feeling and observe how they behave directly. If you understand people’s context, you can understand where your brand, product or service fits into their life, which means you can make meaningful changes to the way in which you interact with them. You can test out new concepts, products, branding, advertising, messaging – in fact, anywhere there’s a touch point your organisation has with consumers, there’s a use case we can help with - whether that’s with the customers you know already, or the consumers you want to know more about.

Further leads the way when it comes to online market research and human insight. Our technologies and research expertise enable us to get answers to all your consumer-related questions at the speed of modern business. We work with brands, agencies and consultancy teams to understand their target audiences and help them forge confident new strategies in this area. We deliver results through evidence-based research that’s academic in its rigour and that gives our clients the confidence to change their approach.