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Published 28 May 2021 1 minute read

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Launched in 2002, LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional online network with more than 364 million members, employing 7,600 staff in over 30 cities around the world.
The company has a diversified business model with revenues coming from talent
solutions, marketing solutions and premium subscription products.
As part of its continued diversification plan, LinkedIn sought to develop the future of online learning and development (L&D) solutions by engaging and collaborating with its talented global workforce to develop new ideas and
fresh thinking. The challenge was how to achieve this quickly, cost-effectively and also respectfully to the various parties involved.

The Solution

Further was commissioned to build a private online community that
removed physical barriers and overcame the inhibitions of internal
communication. We designed a dynamic, fun and engaging way for employees to share ideas, experiences and promote their innovation capacity.

Working in partnership with LinkedIn, Further enabled better insight
and innovation by:

  1. Shaping the overarching project plan to deliver this initiative, alongside
    working in close partnership with LinkedIn’s Director of Learning.
  2. Providing battle-tested technology consistent with brand guidelines
    to create a safe, secure environment for people to participant.
  3. Co-creating a strategic engagement plan and stakeholder engagement programme.
  4. Moderating and managing the community to encourage employees to share their inner thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  5. Helping analyse and filter data to generate themes, ideas and
    develop brand new concepts.

The community was used to engage members over three waves:

EXPLORATION: We delved into evolving career paths of employees
and revealed the latent and un-met Learning and Development needs of their people.
DEVELOPMENT: The LinkedIn Team used the insight and ideas generated in the initial wave to create a number of new concepts.
EVALUATION: A third and final wave saw concepts evaluated and shortlist drawn up. This was then used to identify and prioritise internal investment and outline further areas for development.

The Results

  • Richer understanding through a variety of discussions, surveys and creative tasks, in turn leading to improved quality of concepts
  • Enhanced employee engagement and improved levels of buy-in helping to create an ‘evangelical audience’.
  • Future Learning and Development solutions evolved and iterated in weeks rather than months, something previously unachievable.
  • Plans to launch solution(s) internally from 2016, with commercialisation to follow.

With Further’s support we were able to connect employees across Europe, North America and Asia to tell the ‘human story’, bringing creativity to planning enhancing engagement and the quality of feedback and insight achieved as a result.
Richer context and understanding has helped us to create much more effective and compelling L&D solutions with widespread stakeholder support.

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The engagement with the online community in China has been phenomenal. Our online activities and a product trial have been executed flawlessly.

We helped Colgate Palmolive better understand people’s experience of using skincare products in Asian markets


Working with Further was a refreshing and eye-opening experience…...the qualityof their output which was excellent.

We helped Unicef generate insights to support the development of a mass market, sustainable fundraising product.

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Strategically, Further’s insights provided clear and directional answers that will guide us through our next phase of growth

We helped Zwift understand users and non-users needs and wants so they could prioritise their innovation pipeline


We frequently work with Further to explore our target audiences’ mindset on a wide range of complex (and often controversial) social and political issues.”

We help opinion research consultancy Goodwin Simon understand the attitudes and pinions of the US public faster and better than they previously did.

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With Further’s support, we developed a deep understanding of employees’ needs in order to create more effective and compelling L&D solutions

We helped LinkedIn engage with their employees to discover, create, evolve and iterate new Learning and Development solutions.


We were amazed at the level of insight we achieved in just a week. Further opened our eyes to new ways of researching and understanding our staff

We helped Conde Nast International define a new global mission and vision statement


Further really understood the brief and were extremely proactive. We are now very confident that we’re taking the right products and proposition to market.

We helped this insuretech startup tailor their customer value proposition for the UK market ahead of a planned launch


Further's expert team pushed us to clarify our assumptions and to think harder about how to communicate the value of our products and services.

We helped Keyhouse enter a new market and understand what target users of their case management software needed and how to position their offer

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