Live Webinar: Wednesday 1st December  4pm (GMT) | 1am (Central)

Mastering Projectives in Online Qual

Understanding the how, why, why and when of projective techniques in online qual research 

Hosted By
Dr John Whittle

To mis-quote the infamous Batman villain 'Bane'...'Projective techniques are powerful tools in the hands of the initiated!'
However, a bit like Batman, they are often misunderstood and hidden away. Especially in the context of online qual.
When used correctly they can help you peek behind the mask of your consumer and uncover motivations, responses and experiences which typically might be difficult to capture or share...or which your participants would rather leave uncaptured!
They can shine a light on key insights in a way that straightforward questioning never can. Drawing from key psychological techniques that encourage sub-conscious completion, expression, association, construction & ordering, there is a projective for every crime...we mean, project.
Don't be a Joker, join our resident nerd and research butler John Whittle to explore some of the most popular, and lesser-known, projective techniques that you can use right now in your communities, which will add value to your projects and set you up as a superhero to your clients.

For more batman references, and to discover the strengths and challenges of different projective techniques as well as how and when to use them, join us on Wednesday 1st December, 2021 at 4pm GMT or 11am Central.

Our session will last about 45 minutes.

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About your host


Dr John Whittle, Director of Customer Research and Experience, Further

In his own words, John is exceedingly good at seeing things others don't. He is also an experienced qualitative methodology specialist with a particular focus on delivering and creating best practice for digital methods within the market research industry.

In his role as Director of Client & Research Experience, John has worked with researchers, agencies, brands and companies all over the world to figure out what makes people tick. His work has included projects with global brands such as Google, Channel 4, BBC, Jaguar Land Rover, Bupa, EY to name a few, as well 1000s of brand, innovation, research and insight agencies to harness the full potential of our platform and uncover the insights that matter.

John frequently delivers lectures and courses for the Market Research Society (MRS) and UK universities.

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