Live Online Event:Thursday July 22nd at 4pm (BST)


Repeatedly doing what’s inconvenient

Hosted by Stephen Cribbett and Charlie Dawson

July 22nd
4pm (BST)

The panel discussion - An overview

It’s a brave brand leader that takes the path of greatest resistance, but one that often reaps the greatest rewards.

What’s even bolder is instilling belief across an organisation that not everything you do should be centred on the organisation. Instead the customer’s perspective should be the core tenet and the guiding light, and it should be routine to take action that is clearly in customers’ interests but not clearly, in advance, in your own as an organisation.

In his new book, Customer Copernicus, thought-leader and pragmatist Charlie Dawson looks at how some of the most successful customer-led brands and businesses have learned to do this, getting over what’s initially inconvenient and unsettling to grow much more unusual beliefs.

 Just as Copernicus found, the challenge with this is that such leaders go against accepted wisdom and operate contrary to widespread brand and business belief systems.  Copernicus helped us escape from being self-centred, the sun goes around us, to being more humble, realising the earth goes around the sun alongside many other planets.

Join our #FutureReadyBrands forum on Thursday July 22nd at 4pm (BST) to hear from both Charlie and Stephen as they discuss what it really means to take a customer-led, immersive approach to proposition and brand development and what happens to brands that get it wrong. Together they will:

  • Share the attributes of a customer-led approach to growth and brand building
  • Highlight the kind of inconvenient truths that are so hard to embrace
  • Discuss why it’s so hard to stay customer-led and continue to deliver brand growth

This fast-pace session will run for approximately 40 minutes.

About the speakers


Charlie Dawson, Founder, The Foundation 

Charlie Dawson is the co-author of an exciting new book, The Customer Copernicus: How to be Customer-Led, and founder of The Foundation, a consultancy created to help organizations be customer-led and grow. As industry thought-leaders, The Foundation have energised clients including HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, eBay, AO, Morrisons, Metro Bank, Visa and John Lewis.


Nigel Roth, Research Director, Further

Nigel Roth spent the last 25 years in research, advertising and marketing roles in the US, UK and India covering new propositions such as migraine VR, female health and as editor-in-chief of Empowerment Foundation advocating new technologies to serve rather than displace humankind.


Stephen Cribbett, CEO, Further

Stephen is the founder of Further, working with brands, agencies and public sector organisations to bring together a focus on three interconnected goals; contextual consumer understanding, sustainability and equality.

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July 22nd
4pm (BST)