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IdeaStream™ * feature updates

*IdeaStream™ is now Together

Here at Further we've been working hard behind the scenes, using your feedback to improve our online qual and research community platform, IdeaStream, so you can do better research. The latest improvements we are proud to bring to you include...


Question Randomisation

You can now use Question Randomisation to minimise question order bias and improve the overall quality of the data you collect. As an Administrator or Community Manager, or Moderator, you can randomise the order of the questions your participants see, or pages of questions on activities using the Survey and Mark Up tool. 

Conveniently located next to the Add Question button are two tick boxes (see screenshot below). One tickbox enables you to randomise all questions, while the other allows you to randomise the individual pages of a survey. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 16.48.29.png


Sequence Duplication

You can now quickly create multiple streams of questions for different segments by duplicating an entire sequence of activities. Simply hover over the 'duplicate' option and select Entire Sequence. Then, chose the required start date and allocate to the segment of choice. (see screenshot below).

Duplicating a sequence.gif


Probe Responses to Mark-Up Activities 

The Mark Up tool is great for projective exercises or those requiring response to stimulus, such as testing creative concepts. You can now probe individual responses captured. Do this by clicking on the pin you want, and then clicking on 'comment'. Alternatively you can go to 'list' view and click on 'comment' underneath each individual entry.


Probing on Mark Up-1.gif
Your probe / question will automatically be emailed directly to the participant, who will then click on a link contained within the email to go directly back to your probe within the activity, so they can respond again. (See screenshot below)
Responding to Probing on Mark Up-1.gif
If you'd like to learn more about, or use any of these great new features then you can contact us now using this link.
If you have any feedback, or comments on these new features please e-mail Further's Feature Manager, Roberto via or call +44 (0) 20 3515 3301
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