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Why Customer Experience Research Should Capture Feelings


Customer Experience Management has been with us for some time now, but for most of that time Customer Experience Professionals have been reliant on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as the only measures of how well their brands and organisations are doing.

What both of these measures and the current practice of Customer Experience Research fail to capture is how customers - real people - are feeling during the different stages of the journey, and the contextual issues impacting the experience, the journey and their emotion. These richer data sets can lead to some surprising and impactful findings that will lead to a much better customer experience.
It’s important to consider than a journey happens over a prolonged period of time, not in one single moment or several un-connected moments. What Customer Experience professionals needs to know is what exactly happens all the way through the journey, and how feelings ebb and flow depending on factors as who the person is with, where they are, what time of day it is, even what the weather is. Add these to the level of emotional engagement the person has with the brand at each touchpoint, the intuitiveness of the product or service they are experiencing and you start to build a more powerful and effective decision-making toolkit. Furthermore, you’ll spend your budget more wisely and in-turn, release more budget with which to deliver a better experience.
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