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What's in a name?

You might have spotted that we look a bit different today. We’ve changed our name, from Dub to Further. It’s an exciting time for us, and there are many forces at play. We are ten years old and it was time for a fresh lick of paint and some new technology, but there are more reasons why...

1. Being (and staying) more relevant

Stand still and you go backwards. You lose relevance and ultimately your business fails. Our response to this is to change the way we talk about our work with our clients, so you know you are doing good research, capturing the right data, revealing the right insight and interpreting it so as to make good decisions fast. There are some great tools out there that help you collect great data, but it felt like a lot of people didn’t know how to ask the right question, or how to capture the right data, or even what the difference between a video clip and an actual insight is.

We’re staying in tune with this by focussing on upskilling the users of our technology, arming you with the right skills and templates, and helping you learn fast. Qualitative research is being democratised (though not as quickly as quant), and we want to be the champions of this.

2. Taking our own medicine

We’re in the business of helping our clients learn more and act on what they learn about the people that matter to them. So it made sense for us to apply this elixir to ourselves and make sure that we know what our clients want, what’s going on in their businesses and how to respond to this and stay relevant.

Having spoken to a great number of our clients and non-clients, we recognised that our proposition wasn’t doing us justice nor meeting their needs. The world of online research is continuing to move fast, but it’s also settling into a pattern and what clients want and expect from a partner such as Further has changed. They want more than great technology. They want to learn new ways to apply it so that they can be yet more agile. They want to build on our experiences and know how to do more than they do now as a result. They want to know how to get the best possible data and insight, that in turn will help them make the best possible decision - one that doesn’t put them in jeopardy!

As the founder of the business, I’ve made some big changes over the last 12 months, not least bringing in some amazing new talent at all levels of the business. Our new management team now regularly sit down to review our proposition, and specifically to ensure we push the agile mindset and practice further. The organisational mindset has shifted and there is now an imperative. To respond to this we needed to look at every single facet of our work, from collaboration to recruitment, to proposal writing, to data collection, to analysis and beyond.

We’re now talking about ourselves differently. We are working differently, hiring differently, behaving differently every day, and it’s having a very positive impact on us as people, on the business and on our clients’ businesses.

3. Launching a new mobile research platform

For the past ten years we’ve been developing a research community platform that was licensed for use by researchers, strategists and designers. It’s been a huge success, used by over 500 clients in 150 countries and over 30 languages. We’re continuing to update it, and we’ve given it a new name in line with our rebrand. It’s changing from IdeaStream™ to Together, and it remains one of the leading online qualitative research platforms out there.

But we don’t like to rest on our laurels, nor lose relevance, so we’ve built a brand new mobile research platform called Tandem.

Tandem is a one-to-one research tool that’s built for mobile first. It’s got the latest interactive and visual design clues, making it appealing and easy to use for consumers. But more than that, it helps researchers and anyone conducting research on it get from people to data to insight fast. It’s got best practice baked into it, so you can be confident that you're doing high-quality research and getting the right answers and insight.

Our user-tested, maximum viable product(!) is ready to go, so sign-up here if you’d like to find out more.

4. Getting out of bed easier

It’s hard getting out of bed when you’ve lost your mojo or when you become irrelevant. We’ve found a new skip in our step and it’s never been easier to get out of bed in the morning. The team here are buzzing and the stakes are high. We’re being brave, putting ourselves out there and wanting to challenge the norm in the hunt for perfection. I’m not saying we’ll ever get there, but we’re in constant evolution mode now and will continue to be so for some time.

It feels good, but despite us not knowing where this will end, we sure know that it starts here and will be a rewarding journey.

Our new website tells you this story. It’s got more content, more ideas, more help and inspiration than we’ve ever had, and there’s more to come. You’ll find how we’ve helped transform the way Unicef goes about fundraising with families, how we built new capabilities for OMD and helped them stay culturally connected, and how we always get the best speakers at our events. 

Our new website also demonstrates the flexible way we work, and how we empower and enable instinctive and empathic organisations. We’ve grown up a bit more. In size, stature and expertise. Go see for yourself, and go further.

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