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Unearth Emotional Insight And Do Better Concept Testing

Today, Further officially released it’s new markup tool aimed at researchers, designers, planners and strategists wanting to unearth rich emotional insight and improve the effectiveness of their ads or concepts.

Testing your concepts and ads will help you iron out any issues and iterate quickly, in the knowledge that your audience is
responding positively to the changes. It reduces the risk of releasing or launching something that isn’t quite right, and ensures you get the right message across to those that matter.

Getting it wrong can be costly, so this form of testing and evaluation is essential if you’re going to hit the spot and maximise your campaign or project. Further’s new MarkUp tool, integrated with IdeaStream™, makes it easier than ever to test and evaluate your concepts, be they in the form of videos, graphics, design or mood boards. MarkUp captures emotional response and provides actionable insight by way of heatmaps, verbatims and emoticons.

The benefits of using MarkUp include:

  • Greater accuracy of your your ads and concepts
  • Quick response from your chosen audience
  • Global reach without leaving your desktop
  • Rapid prototyping and iteration
  • Cost effective concept testing
  • Full integration with communities, bulletin boards and online qual hosted on IdeaStream™

MarkUp is available as a bolt-on to IdeaStream™, Further’s online qual and insight community software. So if you’re running short or long-term communities, or bulletin board focus groups, you can now work closely with participants to improve your ads and concepts in addition to other methodologies including diaries, ethnography, immersion and in-the-moment data capture.

How does it work?

Using the MarkUp tool is simple. Follow these simple steps and your audience will review your work in minutes not days!:

  1. Recruit your target audience (we can help you with that!)
  2. Upload your ads or concepts (image files or videos)
  3. Program the questions you want to ask and the style of response you want to capture
  4. Capture the audiences open-ended and/or emotive response
  5. Review the data captured immediately via the IdeaStream™ dashboard as a digital heatmap (which your clients will love!) and verbatims

Of course, once you’ve conducted your testing you can iterate your concepts and repeat the testing process. There’s no limit to the number of concepts you can have reviewed.

Multiple outputs


MarkUp gives you a number of outputs including heatmaps highlighting areas of interest and attention that clients love. There’s also emotional response indicated by use of emoticons, and unstructured answers to questions you can pose to respondents.

Need more information?

To find out more about MarkUp, including costs, and how it can help you test and evaluate concepts, email or contact your Account Manager. You can call us directly on the following numbers:

UK +44 20 3515 3301

US +1 310 853 6986


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