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Understanding and improving the participant experience

The research you do is only as good as three things: your research design, your analytical capabilities and the people you recruit. Get any one of these wrong and you’ll likely find yourself being misled and making the wrong decisions. 
We’ve already talked about the best ways to recruit participants on this blog, so now we wanted to take a look at participants’ experiences of taking part in qualitative research studies online. 
To move this discussion along we decided to get involved an initiative run by folks over at The Green Book, along with the Global Research Business Network (GBRN). Further are donating use of its online qual research platform to facilitate research with participants about their experiences, including an in-depth look at what motivates them, and why/when they are being switched off.
Things are just starting up, so tune in again in the near future for a first glance at the results. You’ll learn more about how to really deliver a great experience and in-turn enhance the quality of your online research.
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