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Introducing Quantitative Semiotics
March 23, 2018

Introducing Quantitative Semiotics

I could start this blog about semiotics by telling you that it’s about meaning and how this is interpreted through signs and symbols. But you can read that elsewhere, and it’s a bit dull, often cloaked in dry academic language and impenetrable..

From ivory towers to Trump Towers - overcoming confirmation bias in the pursuit of human truth
April 24, 2017

From ivory towers to Trump Towers - overcoming confirmation bias in the pursuit of human truth

The result of Brexit and Trump’s recent unexpected victory have yet again exposed the limitations of Big Data and ‘Data Science’ when it comes to interpreting human attitudes and behaviour.

Research Business Daily Report interviews Further
April 20, 2017

Research Business Daily Report interviews Further

Following his highly popular blog article, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all researchers and respondents merely players’, Further Research Consultant, Dr John Whittle, was invited onto the Research Business Daily Report. In the interview he..

April 19, 2017

Redefining the research expert and giving a voice to challenging groups

Conducting great market research is tough enough, even when working with mainstream social groups. It can seem darn right impossible when you are tasked with reaching out to ‘hard to reach’ or ‘challenging’ communities. But giving a voice to..

April 5, 2017

Could the UK have avoided Brexit? Probably, had politicians listened to emotions...

What would have happened, had UK politicians really listened to people’s emotions about immigration and about the EU? How different would social and economic policies have been? Would we have had Brexit at all? As early as 2005, when researching..

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