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Introducing Activity Templates
June 18, 2020

Introducing Activity Templates

A New Way For Researchers To Get Better Results, Faster

Researchers lose a lot of valuable time designing research from scratch, or figuring out how to optimise their design for online environment and chosen platform. We think there's a better..

Moderating online qual projects during Covid-19
April 21, 2020

Moderating online qual projects during Covid-19

During the global crisis caused by Covid-19 and the Coronavirus, qualitative research has come to the forefront as the best way to understand people's changing attitudes and behaviours, and discover whether they want and need your products and..

Understanding Students' Experiences
April 14, 2020

Understanding Students' Experiences

When you think about student life, do you picture a scene from the TV series Fresh Meat? A bunch of mismatched housemates missing lectures, drinking in the union bar, and getting into character-building scrapes?

A Guide To Qualitative Research
April 9, 2020

A Guide To Qualitative Research

With so many qualitative research methods to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to confidently select the right approach for your client. This guide will help you navigate that choice and make the right decision.

Research You Can Do During The Covid-19 Crisis
March 25, 2020

Research You Can Do During The Covid-19 Crisis

To support consumer insight teams and the research community during this period of uncertainty, we've reached out to our global recruitment partners to get regular updates on the potential to continue to recruit for, and conduct, online..

New opportunities to learn about online research during a crisis
March 17, 2020

New opportunities to learn about online research during a crisis

We’re living in unprecedented times.Things are shutting down all around.But it’s essential you don't shut down too. To stay sane, you need (among many things) to keep your mind and body active.

The importance of understanding the people behind the clicks
February 20, 2019

The importance of understanding the people behind the clicks

Your brand's performance is dipping and you’re under pressure to come up with answers. There are many reasons why, from increased competition and market disruptors to negative PR and the rise of ethical consumerism.  But which is it? When the..

Mobile ethnography and the curse of the 'over question'
September 26, 2018

Mobile ethnography and the curse of the 'over question'

Your client wants to understand how and why people are buying their product in retail stores. So you design a shopper research study using mobile technology and ask participants to share their experiences. However, instead of just letting them..

Understanding and improving the participant experience
July 5, 2017

Understanding and improving the participant experience

The research you do is only as good as three things: your research design, your analytical capabilities and the people you recruit. Get any one of these wrong and you’ll likely find yourself being misled and making the wrong decisions. 

Listening with your eyes - telling the human story and inspiring innovation
September 26, 2016

Listening with your eyes - telling the human story and inspiring innovation

Growing use of social media has increased client appetite to deepen and enrich customer understanding - to reveal the ‘human story’ when it comes to brand, product and service touchpoints experiences and interaction.

How Long Should My Online Research Community Last?
February 12, 2016

How Long Should My Online Research Community Last?

Short-term (or pop-up) online research communities are where recruited participants are invited to take part in private online discussions, surveys and creative activities each day of the community. They last for anything from 2-3 days up to a..

February 8, 2016

5 Tips For Surfacing Insights From User Research For Innovation

Much of what we do here at Dub is support designers and strategists in capturing fresh insight from their user research. Our clients do a lot of in-person interviews but they also reach out and engage people online using our software, to ask..

February 2, 2016

Employee Research Communities And Changing Behaviours Among Millennials

Asking your employees questions or working collaboratively with them to develop new ideas and concepts is quicker and more financially feasible with the advent of online communities and maturing social behaviours.

January 4, 2016

What's next for Human Insight at Further

Further enables researchers, strategists and designers to understand and act upon what people do, and what they think and feel about products, services and brands by providing qualitative research tools and expertise.

November 24, 2015

Six Examples Of Online Research Communities With Patients

Every day I get to speak with a bunch of researchers in the health, well-being and pharma space. I ask them about their insight challenges in order to help them develop new strategies to their online qualitative research and online research..

November 18, 2015

Goodbye Big Data, Hello Thick Data

Big data is, well, a big topic and has had a lot of attention over the past few years since digital transformation hit home, but it continues to be something brands grapple with.

November 11, 2015

Online Research Community Engagement Starts With Recruitment

Over the past year, I've been asked a number of times how best to engage participants in order to get good levels of participation from them during the research community. In my response, as well as telling them about the importance of..

November 6, 2015

Why Online Qualitative Research Works Well With Over-50s

Here at Further, we not only do we provide our clients with an intuitive market research technology to conduct qualitative online research, we also act as research partner and give great advice to beginners and experts alike.

November 3, 2015

Why Customer Experience Research Should Capture Feelings

Customer Experience Management has been with us for some time now, but for most of that time Customer Experience Professionals have been reliant on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as the only measures of how well their..

October 20, 2015

Facebook Reactions - What's Not To Like

For some time now, the folks at Facebook have been dropping hints of the impending release of a Dislike button. Last week, they took the wraps off the project and released not a Dislike button, but a series of new emoji’s they call Reactions -..

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