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Unicef: From Insight To Award-Winning Activation
June 3, 2020

Unicef: From Insight To Award-Winning Activation

We are delighted to learn this week that our client Unicef has been announced as the winner of the Award for Innovation in Fundraising by the Institute of Fundraising for its Paddington Postcards campaign.

How to capture and understand a year in the life of consumers, in just one week
April 26, 2020

How to capture and understand a year in the life of consumers, in just one week

What would you do if, for a new marketing and communications campaign, you needed to understand consumers seasonal habits, behaviours and attitudes over the course of an entire year, but you didn’t have the time nor the budget to do a year-long..

How to find out if people really want your product or service
April 18, 2020

How to find out if people really want your product or service

Moving from ‘thinking’ to ‘knowing’

Morale (of a research team)
April 1, 2020

Morale (of a research team)

None of us predicted Covid-19, nor can anyone confidently say how long the impact will last, or how deep it will be, so it's a case of getting comfortable with the new reality.

Research You Can Do During The Covid-19 Crisis
March 25, 2020

Research You Can Do During The Covid-19 Crisis

To support consumer insight teams and the research community during this period of uncertainty, we've reached out to our global recruitment partners to get regular updates on the potential to continue to recruit for, and conduct, online..

The Top Ways to Use Online Qual for Market Research & Insight
January 20, 2020

The Top Ways to Use Online Qual for Market Research & Insight

When I first came into online qualitative research (just as the age of information was starting), I was, even then, amazed by how many possibilities and methods there were to explore. I was a rabbit in headlights, unsure of what was the best way..

Developing New Products & Services The Agile Way
December 12, 2019

Developing New Products & Services The Agile Way

At a time when consumers' wants and needs are changing quicker than ever, brands need to quickly deliver successful new products, services, campaigns and propositions to deliver real growth. Heres how they are doing it in an agile (faster,..

Brand insight and why it's important
November 28, 2019

Brand insight and why it's important

Marketers and branding professionals have an ongoing need to understand how people perceive their brand, products and services; what their attitudes and feelings towards them are, and how they are positioned in the context of a continually..

Seeing through the half-truths
October 30, 2019

Seeing through the half-truths

We lie. Not deliberately. It’s not that we try to deceive, it’s just that we bear poor witness to our own behaviour. If you ask anyone why they did what they did, the answer that comes back won't often be an accurate indication. But here's the..

September 5, 2019

Why you need 3D buyer personas in your life

At Further, we think that businesses may be missing a trick when it comes to developing their buyer personas. They’re settling for shallow 2D representations, based on certain assumptions, that could actually be harming their customer acquisition..

July 17, 2019

Robert Hocking - A Life In Insight

We recently caught up with Robert Hocking. Robert currently holds a number of high-profile positions. His career began in advertising and took him into leadership roles in PR, digital, and environmental and shopper design. He’s been a VP of..

June 26, 2019

Fully Certified ISO27001, again!

At Further we take data security incredibly seriously, as you’d imagine (and hope!). You need the very highest levels of security and standards for your research participants’ personal data, so we set about getting ISO27001 certified many years..

June 12, 2019

How forward thinking brands use insight

If your brand and your role involves dealing with consumers, then you probably understand how qualitative research works. Whilst big data and quantitative testing can highlight what consumers are doing, it takes qualitative exploration to..

June 5, 2019

Developing and Testing Business Propositions with Research

Brands and businesses are constantly looking to develop new propositions as they seek to grow and innovate. In times when consumers wants, needs and demands are shifting fast - new business, product, service or brand propositions are an essential..

May 20, 2019

Online Research Communities vs Online Focus Groups

Leading the Customer Success team here at Further, I get asked a lot by researchers about Online Focus Groups (OFGs). Sure, they have some benefits, but more often than not, researchers can achieve more with their asynchronous cousin, the Online..

May 15, 2019

How Foxtel's service design lead uses insight

On a recent trip to Australia, I met up with Further client Greta Leropoulos who is the Service Design Lead for Foxtel (a media company, who provide a premium pay per view TV service of streamed and live, sport, movies, drama, news and..

May 8, 2019

Keep your brand off the progressive bandwagon: Using insight to avoid tone deaf marketing plays.

In 2019, it can feel like every brand with a budget is running a progressive campaign to tap the equality-hungry hearts of millennials and Gen Z. Empathic, experiential, and (of course) authentic engagement is the conscious marketing of the..

April 25, 2019

Human insight's role in agile product development

Most agile development teams are made up of three roles: product owner, scrum master and team member. If you’ve worked with an agile or scrum process, you’re probably familiar with this. But there’s a fourth role that agile teams could benefit..

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