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Tandem update May

Summer breeze, makes our developers feel fine. Which is why we have shiny new Tandem updates to share with you. That’s almost as exciting as the noise of the ice cream van approaching or the sweet smell of jasmine blowing through my mind…


Catching the moments that matter the most

Moments have proved a hit for both researchers and participants. Using Tandem to combine the collection of structured data and unstructured data is what makes it so powerful. Moments was designed to allow your participants to quickly and easily share moments that matter to them (or the researcher), such as live experiences, observations or incidental thoughts at any time during your study. It's a bit like light touch mobile ethnography. Moments can be videos, images, emoticons and text-based, or a combination of.

Due to the success of Moments,  we've already given it an upgrade. Now, in the review section, researchers can now filter by Moments (which makes moderation and analysis faster), and from the dashboard they can easily track the number of Moments shared by each participant across the entire study (find out how below!). For your participants, Moments appear much like a social media status update on their homepage, letting them keep track of what they have shared in the same way they do on their favourite social apps.

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Researcher Dashboard

You’ve got to have a metric or two…

We know that it's sometimes hard to keep track of what's happening in online qual studies due to the volume of data you can sometimes receive. Tandem doesn’t want you to get lost in the race. Our new and improved dashboard provides you with the information you need, and takes you directly to what you want to see.

You can see who has posted recently, how an activity is performing, how many participants have been on-boarded successfully, the responses for the day and more, all in a single view. Click on each metric and fast track your way to new insights, or plan the next engagement message to keep your study running smoothly.


It’s good to talk…

Instant messaging (IM) is nothing new, with over 560 billion text messages being sent worldwide every day. Yet there are very few qualitative research tools that allow you to take advantage of this, and fewer still which offer this functionality alongside structured data capture. Tandem does!

This native behaviour is why we introduced messaging to Tandem as a way to intuitively capture behaviours and experiences. Our chat functionality allows researchers and participants to connect, discuss and explore situations as they unfold, or to simply build rapport throughout a study. What’s more, we have made it even faster, increasing the speed of the auto refresh to every 10 seconds, which puts you even closer to the moments that matter and ensures you won’t miss a thing.

Chat new

Check back soon for some new updates that our developers promise will put Tandem on a global tour...if you know what that means, let us know...they love to stump us!

It takes two to Tandem, want to talk?

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