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Tandem update June - It's a scorcher

With the 2018 Fifa World Cup fully upon us, Tandem has decided to get in on the action with some exciting global updates. No red cards here, just lots of Tandem 'bookings' and sweet 'back of the net' update glory...are these football puns working!?

Bonjour, Hola, Ciao…We've added languages

Not content with just exploring the lives and behaviours of English speaking individuals, our developer team have expanded Tandem’s journey capacity to the continent and beyond. This may be because we don’t let them leave the office for holidays. Regardless, you can now chat, probe, test and share with French, Spanish and Italian speaking individuals. Great news for any researcher who wants to feel jealous of their participants as they share stunning images of beautiful scenery and mouth watering food. Plus, this is just the beginning of Tandem’s world language domination tour. More exciting destinations, coming soon…

White labelling...Customise your Tandem

We love Tandem (obviously), but we also know that we aren’t the only ones. Lots of our clients have fallen in love with its flexibility, speed and design. So much so that the cheeky devils want to make it their own! Which we're fine with, in fact we've made it easy to do. You can now white label Tandem to fit your companies style, or your client’s need; from customising the overall look to the automatic emails, you can have it your way. Lucky you.

Want to find out how you can customise your Tandem?

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