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Tandem - Consumer Insights Product Update April 2018

Easter might be over but Further has still got one gift left to give... and it is a big one! Read on to find out how our newest consumer insights platform has been improving your path from people to data to insight.

Activity Builder - It’s a magic moment!

Would you like your participants to share experiences as and when they happen, without having to ask a single question? Yes, of course!

Structured activities and questions are excellent research tools but sometimes they’ll only get you so far. Whilst they promote retrospective thought, trigger exploration, capture journeys and emotions, they can also prevent participants truly sharing experiences as they happen. Many platforms and technologies claim to put you ‘in-the-moment’, but how close can you be to a native behaviour when you are the one controlling the way it is recorded, experienced and considered? Sometimes, if you really want to experience a situation as it plays out, you need to let the individual dictate the way it is captured and when. After all, traditional ethnography (on which the new wave of digital-ethnography is based) was all about lurking in the background and observing events as they transpired, with minimal involvement.

Allowing individuals to share the things that matter to them, as they happen, on their terms, is incredibly powerful. It is the reason that social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram have risen to such prominence. Whilst structured investigation can define a project and produce valuable outcomes, it can often be the overheard sentence, random interaction or daydreamed thought that fuels the fires of insight. Yet most tools don’t provide a route for these ideas to flow.

Tandem does... 


Moments functionality allow your participants to share text, photo, video, emotion and location, whenever and wherever they want. What they share, and how, is up to them. Once a moment has been submitted, you can use Tandem’s powerful review section to probe, explore and analyse or hop onto chat to find out more consumer insights in real time.


Want to run a light touch diary study, digital ethnography project or pre-task? Brief your participants at the start of your study, let them know what you want them to capture, then sit back and watch the moments come in - no activity design required.

Want to track a consumer journey but you’re not quite sure of all of the touch points yet? Let participants show you the things that matter and plot it from there.

The opportunities are endless. Seize your moment(s).

Better, Faster, Stronger, Smoother

We are a team of tech perfectionists and like to obsess over every detail. However our UX designer takes this to the next level. His relentless drive to give you the best in user experience has resulted in a sleeker builder that lets you focus on creating the best activities and removes the unnecessary. Check it out today and keep him happy…

Participant Engagement - Welcome (email) to the greatest show!

To continue building on Tandem’s automatic engagement, participants now receive a welcome email once they have successfully logged onto the platform. This contains handy information about how to easily access your study and will cut down on initial access problems. Why... because a happy participant is an engaged participant.

On top of these updates, our tech ninjas have been working day and night (their choice!) to purge bugs and deliver the tools that you need. Get in today to experience their work, and keep on the lookout for upcoming developments.

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