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Tandem Update

With spring nearly upon us (ignoring the recent UK snow fall!), Tandem has also been busy growing new buds and releasing new features. Read on to find out how our newest platform has been improving your route from people to data to insight.


Initial projects are underway...

So far, Tandem has been used for understanding people's experiences of health and wellbeing, people's relationship with their smartphones and airport journeys. Participant engagement rates have exceeded 95%, achieving 100% for one study. 

'Having just used the Tandem platform for a week long online diary study, we have been very impressed. The set-up on the administration side is extremely intuitive and the platform has been carefully built to provide all the required areas for the researcher – from an activity building area, to the input of participants, a dashboard on participant response rate and more. As far as the user experience is concerned, our participants found it both easy and enjoyable to use. Finally, a big thank you to the team behind the software who are keen to create the best product out there and are a pleasure work with. In the short time I have been using Tandem, I have already seen significant changes within the platform and am already looking forward to the next time when we run a similar study with Tandem!'

Amy Heaslip, Research Manager, Creative Medical Research

Activity Builder

The Power of the Preview

To match the power of our flexible activity builder, and help you focus your creative efforts, you can now instantly preview and test your activities. See through the eyes of your participants and get a feel for how they will interact with your study, check your instructions and feel comfortable with every question.

Delicious Descriptions

Online research works best when participants have clear and simple instructions, and a space for you to deliver them. Our updated task description boxes let you easily introduce and manage your activities and the participant’s journey.

Link to Link

Direct your participants to other pages, videos or images using our custom URL creator. Embed links within Tandem’s statement boxes to provide extra stimulus or tasks that can explore user experience, brand interactions or your favourite dog video! 




Auto-segments Assemble!

Segmentation is an important part of many projects. It allows you to categorise participants, focus activities, and filter data according to traits or group characteristics. However, just because it is important, doesn’t mean that it should be complex. Tandem uses an auto mapping system, to identify your segment data and assign it to your participants. Why? To save you time, and let you concentrate on managing a great study. 

Participant Communication

Too Good At Goodbyes...and Hellos

Tandem’s welcome and goodbye messages are one of our most loved features, and help researchers easily plan their participant engagement from the very start of each study. So to make them even better, these messages can now be edited at any point. This means they are still excellent for introducing your study and its schedule, but also for acting as a live bulletin board for your participants. Wave goodbye to update emails (except ours!) and hello to fluid welcome messaging.

Participant Experience

Participant’s Got a Brand New Bag

With all the researcher updates, we couldn’t let participants feel like they were missing out. To keep them happy (which we all know is the important part of any research project), the activity screens and homepage have a brand new look. In keeping with the best contemporary social network designs, these pages provide an appealing and comfortable place for your participants to share.



It’s the Final Countdown...

No one likes to see the never ending buffer circle when they are trying to complete a task. So to prevent frustration, participants can see the progress of their upload. Simple, but super effective...and also strangely calming!

The updates don’t just stop here. Our tech wizards are busy exploring new code and developing the kind of features you'd expect to come from Google. Keep an eye out for our next update in a fortnight for even more exciting features.

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