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Research communities find their niche

Quirks MagazineIt’s always pleasing to learn that the very thing that you’ve invested your time and energy in for so long continues to thrive. That’s exactly how I felt when I read the latest edition of Quirks Magazine and it’s take on research communities. 
The article suggests that around a quarter of research companies surveyed said that research communities were well-established in their work. That’s up from around 17% in 2009. In Asia Pacific the number was higher, with 32% of companies surveyed saying they ran research communities.
What struck me in particular was how research companies now seek specialist research community software [like Further’s] rather than relying on panel software to support their communities. Here at Further we’ve stressed for some time the major differences in survey-based research panels and the skills and resources required to run highly interactive research communities (Why Online Research Communities Differ From Branded Panels) , so it’s good to know the penny has finally dropped.
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