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Our 2019 Net Promoter Score reflects ambitious client success plans

Further's client success team work with our clients and partners to make sure their market research is a roaring success. Their hard work and approachability have been key factors in attaining an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65 in 2019. To those 'in the know', there's nothing particularly average about an NPS of 65. It means that 65% of our customers actively recommend us to their peers, colleagues and contacts. It's a score most customer facing organisations would be envious of. Here's what it means, why it's important to us and why it should be of interest to you!

Why an average NPS of 65 is anything but average

The Net Promoter Score is a measure of how willing your customers would be to recommend your organisation to people. It's a more robust way of measuring customer satisfaction over time and takes into account their overall satisfaction with the Together platform and client success team performance, including their skill as researchers. So far in 2019 our average NPS is 65, which means that a whopping 65% of the customers we work with, would actively recommend us in the market to peers, colleagues and contacts. In 2019, just over three quarters (77%) of Together users were very satisfied with the experience in using the platform. On a monthly basis, we’ve consistently received an average recommendation score of 9/10. Most importantly in June our NPS score reached 69. Great news if you're considering 're-platforming', or if you're doing online qualitative research for the first time.

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About the client success team and client success area

Based in the UK, Canada and South Africa, they're a global team who give our clients complete coverage as far as timezones are concerned. In the past year, they've developed a first rate client success area that's packed full of best practice videos, downloads and top tips on how to use our research platform to craft superb insight. You can learn how to drive stellar participant engagement rates, conduct more creative research and set studies up in the blink of an eye. Think of it as a digital treasure trove for researchers, moderators and clients where they can build their online qualitative research capabilities. 

If you're curious about our platform and how we can help you smash your research...

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