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Don't Miss Our New Qual Research Clinics

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s the value of experts to guide us through the many new challenges facing researchers.


So, at a time when researchers and marketers are looking for new ways to counteract the downturn,  we’re running a free expert-led qualitative research clinic this Thursday, providing you with someone you can turn to for advice, or just a fresh perspective on your qual research challenges.

You can ask our senior team questions on anything relating to qualitative research, be it online or offline, from how to design great activities, through choosing appropriate methods, to the best way to recruit participants, and everything in-between. Our seasoned experts with backgrounds in both commercial research and academia will be on hand to take as many questions as possible. In the unlikely event that we can’t answer your question, someone else on the call might.

The details

It's free. It's planned to be once a fortnight (until you tell us to stop), and it's on Zoom, but don’t feel like you have to dress up. Unless you want to, of course. We don’t judge.

The first clinic will be held on Thursday 16th July at 11am (UK) for one hour.

What you'll get out of it

As well as getting answers to those niggling questions, and some top qual tips, you’ll get to meet our team in person and see for yourself how gorgeous and smart they really are.

You’ll also get to meet fellow professionals, hear what they are stuck on and join in the discussion around how to solve all of our research issues.

You don’t need to stay for the whole hour; you can dip in and out at any time during the session – whatever fits your busy schedule.


Count me in


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