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New opportunities to learn about online research during a crisis

We’re living in unprecedented times.

Things are shutting down all around.

But it’s essential you don't shut down too. To stay sane, you need (among many things) to keep your mind and body active.

While we aren't offering free home workouts (you can get these here), we are offering a chance for you to brush up on your online research skills and knowledge. There's no cost, and it's a chance for you to spend time with our most experienced, senior research team who have trained hundreds of junior and senior researchers, including for the Market Research Society (MRS).

What are we offering?

To get things started, we're offering a 30-minute online research clinic, free of charge, no strings.

Who is it for?

Researchers. In-house, in agencies. If you've got insight projects upcoming which need a different approach, or if you've got some downtime right now (who hasn't!) and want to get eyes on some new tools or methods, then this is for you.

What you'll get out of it

30 minutes of uninterrupted time with with one of our Senior Research Strategists to talk about how best to take your research online.

What's in it for us?

In short, great conversations with people (that's you!) doing interesting work who are open to new ideas. Nothing more, nothing less.

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