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How we roll (part 3)

We caught up with Lorrin Etka-Shepherd of US based qualitative research specialists, Marketry who use our Together platform to run online communities for their clients all over the world.

How did you first hear about Further and their online research technologies, how did the partnership come about?

We were working with DUB before they rebranded as Further. We first heard about their online research technologies during a search for more extensive online research tools than we had been using. Our in-person qualitative practices are based on applying creative approaches. We had been conducting online qualitative research for many years for speed and accessibility but felt limited by the creative capabilities of the platforms we were using. We also were looking for a better online user experience for our participants.

Which sectors and clients do Marketry work with?

We love our qualitative work and focus on that across many different sectors - technology, finance, agriculture, consumer package goods and healthcare/pharmaceuticals.

Which questions are you helping your clients answer using Further's technology? What has the feedback been like so far?

The biggest one is how to conduct global scale projects effectively and efficiently.  Through Further we have:

  • Collaborated with other knowledgable Further partners across the world
  • The platform and the structure needed to be consistent in gathering insights
  • The ability to leverage creative techniques in our discussions including self-ethnography, image association, image sorts - to name a few
  • Instant transcripts to compare and contrast findings from multiple countries at light speed

The feedback has been good - it takes us days and weeks to bring complex fruitful insights to life where it would have taken us months in recent years.

Have you achieved any notable results and insights for clients’ using the technology?

I love the ability we now have to fuel our client teams’ empathy for their customers and their customers’ way of life. The learning is on-going and always accessible. In the end it helps them build on their base of knowledge to communicate more effectively and develop better products and services.

What do you think are the most exciting new areas of research and how will technology support these areas?

Bringing the customer and their day-to-day existence to life and coupling this with the data necessary to make strategic decisions.  We are exploring how we can use technology to combine the numbers and the stories behind them through online qual/quant techniques.  

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