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How to minimise your research costs and maximise your human insight

You’re under pressure.. to do more, with less, to meet deadlines and to get the insight to make the critical decision that will provide the winning-edge for your client. At the current speed of business, insight has never been more important, but clients are ever more cautious when it comes to committing research budgets. So what's the answer?

Typically, this is where I might try and talk about the wonders of online qual in this context. I am speaking on behalf of Further after all, and this is our bread and butter.

I could go on (at length) about how digital qual allows you to connect with consumers, all over the world, directly, and collect a whole range of information and data that can help you identify what truly matters to them.

I could talk about how it cuts your costs by reducing the logistics of setting up travel, interview facilities, and the endless admin that happens before and after a piece of physical fieldwork.

I could prove that online qual can provide more value than traditional qual, and that you could improve your margins by embracing digital techniques.

I could, but I won’t!

The time to build your online research capabilities is now

The client brief lands in you inbox, you’re already working on several other projects! The last thing you want to do is design an approach that includes a method you're not all too familiar with, even though you know it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

So what’s the solution, and how can you minimise costs while maximising the human insight you forge?

To help with this predicament, Further can..

Put us to the test. Get in touch, send us your challenge and we will quickly demonstrate exactly how to minimise your costs, maximise your human insight and escape the cycle.

We’re ready to help, want to ask the question?

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