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Employee Research Communities And Changing Behaviours Among Millennials

Happy Employees - Dub, online qual and insight communitiesAsking your employees questions or working collaboratively with them to develop new ideas and concepts is quicker and more financially feasible with the advent of online communities and maturing social behaviours.

Take what Virgin did in listening to what it meant to their employees to dress the way many traditional firms, or what LinkedIn initiated when they wanted to collaboratively innovate a new learning and development platform with their hip young staff members. By creating a safe online environment where ideas can be shared and cultivated, and where impassioned discussions shape-up and opinions shared, you can create one of the most robust and agile insight and innovation sources possible.

For your employees, it shows that you care about them and value their ideas and opinions. It often creates a more level playing field and enables the less vocal among them to shine. When you recognise that a good idea can come from anyone, anywhere, ideation accelerates.

To create an employee community you’ll need some great technology, but more importantly you’ll need the skills and capabilities to build a community, to create rich levels of engagement and enable your starts to flourish.

If you’d like to know more about how you can create a gang-busting employee community like the one Further did for LinkedIn, email


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