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A Guide To Qualitative Research

With so many qualitative research methods to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to confidently select the right approach for your client. This guide will help you navigate that choice and make the right decision.

Whether you’re new to qualitative research or transitioning from face-to-face research in response to Covid-19, this e-book will help you navigate both online and offline qualitative research and establish some best practices.

We don’t want you thinking that research can’t happen during times of crisis. Here’s what one of Further’s client had to say..

I’m impressed by the online community in China with Further. The engagement with the community has been phenomenal. Even during the tough Coronavirus period, our online activities and a product trial have been executed flawlessly. It’s been a pleasure to work with this professional research team (Colgate Palmolive, March 2020)


ESOMAR, Europe’s leading research body, highlights that:

Evidence-based decision-taking is vital

Avoid the human reaction of giving into fear or one-sided sentiments, use evidence and data and the right competence to chart the way forward and make the right decisions. ​

Research is an essential compass before, during, and after this crisis
Particularly now, data, research and insights sector is a critical source of such evidence and guidance. It should be maintained, encouraged, and intensively used by governments, businesses, and charities alike.   ​


Download ‘A Guide to Qualitative Research Methods’ by LSE alumni and one of Further’s research team, Dr. Marie-Claude Gervais, to better understand how why people do what they do.



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