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5 Tips For Surfacing Insights From User Research For Innovation

research - Dub, online qual and insight communitiesMuch of what we do here at Dub is support designers and strategists in capturing fresh insight from their user research. Our clients do a lot of in-person interviews but they also reach out and engage people online using our software, to ask questions and evolve rich discussion around a topic or behaviour.

Becoming a great online moderator isn’t just about asking the right questions, it’s about being prepared, having a plan, setting the stage, being open and building trust.

Once you’ve started asking your questions, be ready to capture notes as the conversation evolves. You can do this using the Notepad on our online qual and research community software. Be sure to jot down notes on the following:

  1. Any interesting quotes your participants have shared
  2. Problems they experience
  3. Opportunity areas for new solutions (products and services)
  4. Ideas that the participants themselves have shared
  5. Insights revealed, where an insight is something that you’ve observed that is not obvious and tells you something about how people think or feel


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