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4 Ways to share quick feedback from your research community

It’s one thing to plan your research community or online qual study, with all its activities and discussions, but what about a plan for how you’ll be sharing snippets and insights with your client?

It often gets overlooked, leaving you to work it out as things happen. This can eat up your time and be a distraction. To help you out, we’ve got a few ideas for how you can quickly and efficient share moments, snippets and insights with stakeholders using Further’s online qual research platform, Together.

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Via a weblink

Perhaps the easiest way to share conversations or snippets (not insights) from your community is from the Review page. The Notepad tool allows you to share a weblink to the conversation or response that’s been posted, direct to your client or collaborators.

The people that you want to send the link to will have to have a login account to ensure that data security is maintained, so be sure to set them up in advance or along the way.

The Review page updates almost instantaneously, so those with a weblink can have up-to-date data during the duration of the project.

Furthermore, it provides the ability to conduct cross-segment comparisons, to identify and compare responses amongst different member segments (for instance customers and noncustomers, or different age groups).

Via a Word or Excel report

If you want to share responses to your activities, discussions or survey feedback in a report-ready format then you can generate (publish) reports to either Word or Excel documents, then send them on to your collaborators or clients.

If you want a quick summary of discussions that’s easy for colleagues to read, we recommend that you export your data to a Word document.

Irrespective of the format that you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to remove any personally identifiable information when you download your results.

Via the community homepage (with your participants)

In the spirit of collaboration, and as a way of motivating participants, we recommend sharing thoughts, feedback, updates and announcements via widgets on the community homepage.

Participants are naturally curious to see how their responses compare to others and will reward you with greater attention and effort if you share findings with them.

To achieve this, add text or media widgets to the homepage and add to them the content you want to share for all to see.

Another useful approach is to close your community with a dedicated discussion that reveals some of your findings and explores closing thoughts. You’ll be surprised what this might uncover since learning something about themselves will spur participants to share more.

Via email (with your participants)

Good old fashioned email is still one of the best ways to share feedback and insight with your participants, the benefit being that it lands directly in their personal email inbox, increasing the chance of engagement and attention.

IdeaStream lets you send emails to groups or individuals, and also includes email reports so you can be sure of who has received and read the message.

We’ve learned to keep the messages short and concise, so as not to bog participants down in heavy detail and risk losing their attention.

So there you have it, four quick and easy ways to share feedback and insight with your clients, colleagues and participants. We hope you learned something new and are inspired to share more.

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